Best of Berlin - Highlights of a metropolis

What do you think of when you hear Berlin? Of a delicious currywurst? Or the Berlin Wall, which once devided the city? The many many little restaurants at every corner? Or of the Luxushotel Adlon next to the famous Brandenburg Gate?

Discover Berlin

The best way to see the city is from above. Directly at the Potsdamer Platz, the tallest red brick building with the fastest lift in Europe. This will take you to a height of 100 meters in 20 seconds. From there you have a breathtaking view over the whole city with its many highlights. The Siegessäule, the Reichstag, TV tower, the Alexanderplatz or the Sony Center - are just some of the stations you have to see in Berlin.

Whether you are looking for a classic city tour with one of the many double-decker buses or a fancier tour with a trabbi or an old beetle, you will definitely find the top spots in the city.

In addition to many great sights, the German capital also offers many insider tips. On the Prenzlauer Berg, for example, there is a housing museum. There you can rummage into the rooms of an old Berlin workers' apartment. Or the courtyards of Hackescher market – right in the middle of the city and full of inner courtyard flair small boutiques invite to stroll and browse.

Berlin is full of experiences - what is your highlight of the city?